Bug in calculated values of Table columns in Modules

Hello, we are facing a bug when using the Table component in Modules:

Here is a module with a Table and a Switch changing the color of the name column:

The config of the name column is this one:
Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 11.08.02 AM

When in the module everything works fine:

However when using the module in another application, this does not work anymore:

This is also the case of the Restrict editing field when enable the column with Make editable.

We are using Retool on premise version 2.75.20.

Hey @aturiot!

Thanks for flagging this, I was able to repro this locally and will create a bug report and keep this thread updated as a fix is merged! :slight_smile:

I've gone ahead and linked the internal bug report to this thread so we can keep you up to date as a fix is merged. thanks again for bringing this to our attention! :slight_smile: