Bug: Cannot type values into some editable columns in new table

I have a new table component and I am setting Currency and Number type columns to editable.

However, I cannot type a new value into the cells, only use the steppers.

Video: Dropbox Capture

Edit: If you click Enter the value ion the cell remains, but tab or clicking out does not.

Hi @bradlymathews

Thanks for posting this! I know we chatted a bit about this in office hours as well. It seems to be a regression that impacts both the legacy and new tables.

We'll post here when our team is able to address this regression!

Hi @Tess

Any news on this? I am waiting on this before I can release a highly requested feature to a client app that relies in the new table.


No updates yet, @bradlymathews :disappointed: It seems to have regressed quite a bit ago, but I bumped the ticket internally

Any news on this? it is a pretty large pain point for one of my clients.


Not yet, @bradlymathews :disappointed: But I let that team know you checked in!

Hi @bradlymathews It looks like this is fixed on Cloud now! :sunglasses: