Better Way to Handle - Hide (collapse) this component when true - In Edit Mode

I'm finding it somewhat cumbersome to use collapse this component in edit mode. It's a nice feature for the production app but when editing I need to put a bogus value in that field on the components I'd like to see and maintain. Of course, I can edit the component in the left hand properties view but sometimes I like to see the visual representation of the component. Maybe a Ignore Hide/Collapse checkbox in edit mode would be a solution.

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@matth That would be a neat feature, thanks for the request! If you want a workaround, you could create a temporary state like “showAllCollapsed”, set it to true or false, and then inside the logic for each collapse add that as a ternary options. Something like showAllCollapsed.value? false : (logic to decide to collapse normally). That way if you set the state to true, all collapsed components would be shown.

That will work for me.