Basic Inspector Component is missing


I was wondering why I cant find the Basic Inspector Componts, for any of the components?

To illustrate this is how it should be:

And this is how it looks in my editor:

Hi @emoflore - thanks for posting this question! We've revamped the Container component, so your first screenshot shows v1 of our Container component. Your second screenshot is showing the latest and greatest Container component v2. We've moved toward using more meaningful names for groupings of settings than "Basic" where we can. The settings that used to be under "Basic" are now in slightly different locations in the UI:

  • Title is now a separate component, providing much more flexibility
  • Disable and Loading are in the interaction section

When you open up "Interactions" on the Container component, or click on "Container title", are you able to access the settings you were looking for?

If you are looking for something else, or have other feedback about the user experience of these components, I'm also happy to pass that along to our product team :slightly_smiling_face: