Axios version update

If breaking changes is the reason why the Axios library is still on version 0.27.2, can you not install a specific (updated) 'labelled' version that can be used without us having to self import?

I know there have been a few releases since 0.27.2, they're now at 1.0, but do you know if and when Retool will support the latest version?


hi @Simon_Hamilton thanks for asking about this. I'm interested to hear a bit about how you're looking to use Axios in Retool. If you're doing some general data fetching, this could be done via a REST API Query. Otherwise using window.fetch should be possible within a JS query :thinking:

We do use Axios ourselves in the product behind the scenes in our backend code, but the version we use shouldn't impact customers as far as I know, and we don't officially expose/support Axios functionality to customers on the frontend. Though of course you can query it with a REST API or use something like window.fetch as mentioned above.

In summary, some more info on what you expect to be able to do with Axios in Retool will help me confirm what's expected and file any feature requests that would unlock more supported things you might be looking for! :slight_smile: