Automatically creating firestore document ID base on given format

Hi guys! I'm wondering if it is possible that every time I create a new user to my database can I set the document id of my data based on the format I'm giving?

for example:
I have a database of employees and their ID's all formatted as EMP_001, EMP 002, etc.
so every time I'm going to create a new employee the document ID would automatically generate a new ID base on the format that I've provided

if it's possible I would like to know and any would be very much appreciated.

Hey @Nur_Azril_Onkassim!

Unfortunately, I don't know that this is possible with firebase :pensive: you can manually iterate on the ID from within your app, however, by either pulling in your full dataset to find the largest id or by searching for the most recent record and then iterating on that. Do either of those options sound like they might work? Have you already explored doing something similar?