Auto select a dropdown option

pls help.
this helps in other apps in other dropdows

@Ohad_Perry Did you try populating the Default value field with the following:
Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 7.57.21 AM

thanks but it actually "breaks" the dropdown, if I select now, it automatically deletes the value

When you rollover the Default field {{urlparams.hash.buildingSelected}} what do you see... and are you populating the dropdown from a query? Are the item labels and values correct?

Thanks, Scott! Also, as a heads up, when typing in a value to the url, you may need to hit enter on your keyboard & then refresh the browser

I am curious if toggling on Allow custom values in the select component makes a difference (as a test)?

Hi Scott,
Yes populating from a query. Any suggestion how to speed it up via retool?