Auto delete value if another component contains a value... & dealing with NULL's

Looking for a way to auto delete values on a form, ideally on the fly. My use case for this is I have a form where the user selects from a list, but i have also included on the form a second text input box that allows the user to type text. The HTML in the email contains {{select.value}}{{textinput.value}}. I also have the issue of "NULL" appearing on the HTML email. Is there a way to hide "NULL" in the HTML?

  • Delete a value (if any) from "textinput" if "select" contains a value

  • Delete a value (if any) from "select" if "textinput" contains a value

Hello @rcanpolat,

based on your requirement, instead of doing this


You can use the OR operator to select textInput if that exists

{{textinput.value || select.value}}

Also within the app, you can use event handlers to clear the values in your select component or textInput component.

Here is a simple implementation

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That works beautifully, thank you for your help.