I'm using a custo auth that saves a AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN.

On my resources using rest api, I can change users.

On my resource using graphql api, I login with another user, but the token remains the same from the first logged user.

How can I change users?

Hi @ivanrosolen :wave:

I wanted to try and help you out here :smiley: before doing so though I wanted to gather a bit of context from you to get a better idea for what's going on here.

Where are you running into this issue? Is this pertaining to a specific query? Can you send me a screenshot of your resource setup page? If you don't feel comfortable posting public please feel free to chime into support via chat in the lower right hand corner of your app. We can take care of you there as well!

@Pawan How can I delete this question from here?

It was an error on my end, the auth login component was using the wrong resource

Nice! :+1: I'm glad you were able to get that going