Are there instructions on how to use the new app versioning UI?

Retool cloud's App versioning UI recently changed. Is there a post/update regarding the change? I cannot find the change in Retool's update blog.
My specific questions:

  • How do you exit "edit" mode ("preview" is still edit mode)
  • How do you publish a version and make it live?


Hello ypeled!

First thing you need is to open the Menu as shown on the image.

If you want to exit edit mode you can open "Releases and history" and Preview the version you want to view outside of editor!

If you are looking to publish a version and make it live you need to go to the same menu and "Create New" where you will be given options to do an release and if to make it live or just a draft.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @ypeled!

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the new UI changes! :blush:

There's more info here in our docs

For versioning, the app you are editing will be live, unless you implement the release versioning feature that @stefancvrkotic describes

I also recommend this community post about versioning