Application for payment processing

I am interested in developing a Retool application for Credit Card processing.
Someone has mentioned Stripe.
I am using MySQL as my database.
Will I need to use Java to get this to work?
Mike Smith

Hi @mdsmith1

Thanks for reaching out! This sounds doable :slightly_smiling_face: If you go with Stripe, we have an integration (docs here). If you haven't connected your MySQL database to Retool yet, we have docs for that as well (here!)

Retool, while low-code, requires Javascript programming experience, as well as experience with your specific data source. We have some documentation here for getting started with Retool:

Beyond our docs, this community forum is a great place to ask for help with specific concepts and see if anyone has already solved your problem or built something similar in Retool. Our youtube channel has a handful of useful tutorials as well.

Tess, thank you very much.

I will go through your material.

Thanks again.

Mike Smith

Also, please make sure that if you process card details (card number, expiration date, CVC/CVV), you must live up to varying PCI requirements. You avoid all of that by using the built-in Stripe module :-).



Thanks Johnathan.


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