App has started popping up error messages; how to disable

Kia ora

Randomly, I guess through a Retool update, our apps have started popping up toast messages which weren't appearing in the past. Nothing has changed at our end.

I've been through each query and disabled the success/fail messages under the response tab. However, the app still pops up other error messages which must have been suppressed in the past. We don't want our users seeing these error messages (some of the error conditions are inevitable, and don't indicate a problem - but we don't want our users seeing them, because it's making them think there's an issue).

For example, "Could not evaluate transformer"

How can I suppress these messages entirely at the production end?

With thanks, Jamie

Same issue for us. Basically it's some debug info littering the end user experience.
It would be helpful to be able to disable it globally.

Hey! This is a feature that was recently implemented but because of the excess notifications, the dev team will be rolling it back with the next release later this week.

Apologies for the hassle to end users here - you should see them go away soon!

@Kabirdas any ETA on this ???

Hey @tchad99!

This should have shipped already, thanks for flagging the issue here! Can you let me know what exactly is triggering the error message? Screenshots would be helpful!

Ae, it's still happening. For example, we get error toast messages appearing such as, "Could not evaluate transformer"

Thank you for the followup:)

No problem! Would you mind either sharing an export of the app here, or if we stepped into your app to take a look?