App crashing on load

I have a rather small app that has been working fine for a long time, and a day or so ago it started crashing on load every time i open it with the "aw snap" message. I read a post that referred to tables with overflow set to scroll, which is in my app. The only problem is i cant really mess with it because the app crashes immediately. There isn't that many queries being preformed and the data is rather small, so I don't think its related to that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @Grant_Goodwin!

You might try using the _historyOffset parameter (docs!) to step back in time through your app history to a point where it was in a working state. Note that if you do so and make a change all subsequent changes will be lost, so be careful! You might want to make a copy of the app to mess around with:

If that doesn't reveal the source of the issue and you are on Cloud, would you mind me stepping into your org to take a look at it? You can also try exporting the app and sharing it with me via email or DM otherwise so that I can take a closer look :slightly_smiling_face: