API Requests - Referring to a previous ID created

Hello there,
I am new to this and have a question which might be very basic..

I am running an app which does POST API calls for Stripe -
First, I create a customer, then I create a provide, and now I am trying to create an Invoice.
In Zapier, where I did a similar thing, in the "Create an Invoice" POST I am supposed to enter the ID of the customer - which I created in the previous "action" (in Zapier).

In ReTool - I am now adding the parameters for the Create an Invoice - and not sure where I find the ID of the Customer I created. I tried "{{" and see what's coming up which can be relevant, and nothing seems to be identified.

Any idea?

I am adding some screenshots

Thanks in advance!


Whatever "Action" you are running with Zapier, you would need to reference that call's return value...
{{myZapierAction.data.id}} - in other words, the call to Zapier must return something or you will need to call Zapier again to get the most recent ID created.

I am not using Zapier - I was explaining what I have done previously, that worked in Zapier.

I am trying to “replicate” this process, all in ReTool - so I want to reference a previous ID created in an API call to a following API call. And I can’t find the “value” to use.

For example - I want Stripe to create an invoice. For that, Stripe requires a client ID.
So I need to create a client ID and once created, I can use it on the invoice creation API call.

The client ID does not exist solely.

In ReTool - all the form fields are in the same page - a page that gets information about the client (to create a client ID), and the payment details (to create an Invoice).

When I am configuring the create invoice API call, I can’t locate the client ID created.

I hope I’m making sense..


Thank you for the patience

Is the client ID created in Strip -and I think it is - you would need to reference the call to Stripe in the same manner as I described above to get the ID from Stripe

Doesn't work..
I am refering to the previous query ("Stripe_Create_Customer") and adding .data.id:

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
It actually does the autocomplete for me, and showing the message: "You can use the .data property to refer to the result of this query."

So it looks like it's the right direction..

The API request result is:

"error": {
"code": "parameter_missing",
"doc_url": "Error codes | Stripe Documentation",
"message": "Must provide customer or from_invoice.",
"request_log_url": "Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard",
"type": "invalid_request_error"


So the Stripe_Create_Customer query needs a customer ID or should it be generated by Stripe? Looking at Stripe API reference – Create a customer – curl it seems that Stripe delivers an ID back.... but you're not getting it so you must be missing something when trying to create the Customer in Stripe

When I am creating the customer - I am getting a 200 response. I see the new customer ID (and it also appears in the Stripe Dashboard).

I just can't find a way to pull it to the new API call, of creating an invoice.

The "Create Customer" Query is called "Stripe_Create_Customer".
I am trying {{Stripe_Create_Customer.data}}, and can't get a proper response and successful creation of an invoice.

I am basically trying to understand how do I transfer data from one query to another.

If this helps - this is how it looks in Zapier (where it works for me. But I am trying to migrate away from Zapier..).

I figured it out, btw - thanks for the help. Wanted to close the topic -
The syntax I was using to make it transfer the response from a previous API call:

{{previous_query_name.data.name_of_response_result_create}} - so it looked like this for me:

Thank you @ScottR