API has CSV Format. Want to create automated Retool input

Hi there,

I am. currently building a dashboard and want to use data I am receiving over an API. The data is in a CSV format with tabstops as separators. Now in order to make it usable with a REST API in Retool I have to convert it into a JSON first. Is it somehow possible to have that process automated in retool?


Hi @Que

Is the CSV being uploaded with one of our file components? If so, you can use our built in parse functionality: Insert CSV data into a database | Retool Docs

Or, is the csv data coming from the API already? If so, can you share a screenshot?

You can likely use Papa.parse for this, which is an external library that is built into retool. The full PapaParse docs are here, and that could be used in a transformer, or JS query and they will support some specific CSV parsing options.