Anyone used the the assistant api of openai?

I am wondering if anyone have linked the chat ai to the new openai assistant api?

I am having issues returning the responses , via a javascript function, to the response window of the chat component?

Hi @Marius_Visser it would be great to see some screenshots if you can share! Thanks for reaching out

Sure i can, the messagebox stays blank, although i call the api and get a response. see the screenshot where the content is filled and the role = assistant.

I need to get the text part back into the chatbot via the query.

I call the api from a query, and then in the query wait for the response. the reponse is received and i write it to the console, as seen in the screenshot:
console.log('Final message list:', messageList);

I have tried from the query to populate the message back into the chat table. with:
// Return the message list object to the chat1 object.....
chat1.lastResponse = messageList;
chat1.table.addNotification({message: messageList});

and so on.
My question is how do i add the response from my query back into the chat area....