Anyone have experience using Testing tools with retool?

Does the retool team have any guidance or opinions on using a browser testing framework like selenium, Cypress, or playwright? Is there anything we should be especially aware of when trying to implement tests with a framework like that?

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Hi @Bob_Jones!

No guidance since it's not officially supported, unfortunately.

We do have native Testing in Retool (a beta feature we can enable for your org) and we're planning on investing heavily in testing in the future, but the current version is in maintenance mode for now. “Maintenance mode” means we’ll look to fix high-priority bugs that block critical functionality, but not add any new features to this version. We’d still love bug reports and feedback.

We’d also love input from you about what you’d like Testing to be able to do, and the ergonomics you’d like to see. All of this feedback will go into our design for the next version of the Testing feature, which is expected to be released in H2 2023. While we’ll make a best-effort to provide a migration path from the current testing APIs to the next iteration of this feature, we cannot guarantee against introducing breaking changes as the feature evolves. We have big ambitions for Testing, and we’re committed to expanding testing functionality so that you can write even more robust tests in the future.

After speaking with the team working on testing, it sounds like our (beta) testing is intended to be used with Playwright—at least, as implied by the documentation.

At a higher level, Retool instances are "just websites", so if you'd like to visit an instance with your own browser testing framework, that should be possible! Though again, as far as I know, we don't have any documentation available to support it and your setup would depend on your CI infrastructure and how you prefer to manage your Retool instances.