Analytics for Public Pages

When we create a public page for use for those without actual users in Retool, I’d love to be able to see non-user specific analytics.


  • Page Views
  • Buttons Pressed/Counts
  • Queries Ran/Counts
  • Time Spent on the page.

An awesome, but more challenging thing would be a heat map!

We want this for the same reason anyone wants analytics. To understand what our users are using most often, where they are spending their time, what they are avoiding/not using, etc.

Thanks for the request @DakotaB! Definitely an interesting idea. I’m curious if you might be able to get some of the pageview and time spent right now with a workaround - are you using Google Analytics for your site? You might be able to embed it as pre-loaded JS in the settings pane – I’m not sure if this will work (the JS might be sandboxed) but it’s worth a try!

Another option: if you embed the Retool app in another web page, you can track pageviews and time spent on page for that parent page.