Ambigious wording on alert dialog editing a table

When editing rows in the Table component, and then cancel the edits, there is a confirmation dialog with language that's... more than a little confusing.

Hi Rory—Thanks for calling this out, not ideal! We just made a change to clarify the copy on discarding edits and added in a reference to the name of the table component at hand, as well. It'll show up shortly with our next release.

Hi there @ryan . I can see that that text has been updated and now references the table from which the Cancel action was taken. Is it possible however to completely supress / disable this dialog - I would like to be able to cancel changes without an action needed from the user.

@turps808 Hey there :wave: This is not currently possible, but I would be happy to write up a feature request! Would you mind sharing a little bit more about your use case?

Hi @lauren.gus - I think that there might be a couple of similar use cases

  1. When clicking the Cancel button on a table, no confirmation dialogue is displayed, but the table changes are cancelled. This might be controlled by a switch in the table settings
  2. Be able to run an event off the Cancel button to display a Modal or Notification of my own design.

Hope that helps

Thanks - Adam

@turps808 Thanks for sharing that, wrote up the Feature Request :+1: