Allow Duplication in Radio Group Input Values

I have a radio group input that needs to at all times have all 15 items displaying to choose from.

What the user sees is the label of the inputs, and the values are then decided dynamically based on a lot of different things, anyway that shouldn't be relevant. What is relevant is that given this logic, there are always going to be items in the group that share the same value (generally 0), and so the radio group doesn't show the label for the items with duplicated values beyond the first.

It's probably super simple, as the interface suggests,

"Duplicate option values were found: 1761.3

Only the first instance of each value is rendered. Update the value mapper to avoid deduplication."

Where do I find the settings, or how else can I do what is suggest?

Hey @shane_d_gray, unfortunately you cannot currently use duplicate values inside radio group inputs, but, I would suggest appending a suffix (perhaps _i, where i is the item index) to the values to distinguish them and then removing that suffix wherever you then use the radio group as a workaround for the time being. Apologies for not being able to support duplicate values at the moment!

The workaround seems to work fine for now. Thank you!