All my retools ecosystem not working

Hello Retool support,

  • Goal: I hope my retool applications works again on !

  • Steps:
    At this point, according to error obtained, I checked the connector to the database. it is ok (see screenshots).
    I then created a brand new resource query (query6 see capture) with a simple select. It's ko. The targeted table is not reached, even though the connector is good!.
    Same blocking behavior on all our apps.


Furthermore, I'm a customer who pays for a 'team' subscription, I would urgently like my zenfirst emails to be answered directly.
This is not tolerable because at the moment everything indicates that the problem comes from your tool !

Waiting for a response within 24 hours.

Best regards,

Laurent Martinon, developer at Zenfirst

Hi Laurent,

Was this DB working previously with the same setup? Did you change some settings on the DB side perhaps? Is the specified db definitely correct? If you try to run a simple SQL command to list all tables, does it work?

N.B the test connection button isn't always a 100% source of truth. We haven't rolled out any cloud releases or feature flags relating to PSQL resources in the last few days, so I suspect this is an issue with connecting to the DB itself.

If you switch to the schema tab (next to output) I suspect it will be empty, because the underlying connection is not working (despite the false positive from the test connection button)

I wrote a guide here to help troubleshoot these kinds of issues which should be helpful for debugging this:

Hi Issac,

Connection with db postgres is ok with another application ( app production,...) with same credentials.
No changes from settings ressource retools
No changes queries ressources since almost days.
No change version db
Therefore, It's not a problem from db itself (production zenfirst ok).

Please, check your logs retools and i wait your useful guide to resolve problem.

I prefer to contact me directly on my mail zenfirst by your support for more exchange private concerns. Zenfirst subscribed to a paid subscription.

Best regards,


And this DB in retool working previously , of course

For information, db postgres is managed by heroku (setting heroku is ok)

For information, in staging environement into retool is working perfectly !
So I'm checking more from heroku db in prod...(rotation credential maybe).

Best regards,


It's resolved !

I compared heroku setting for staging /prod and i observed a custom permission engaged on credential configuration ( grand db...) in prod case.
Therefore, I recreate fully credential configuration and refresh my retool and it' ok !

Thanks for your help and your great tool !

See you, next time

Laurent Martinon
Developer at Zenfirst