Adding several rows to posgres retool db

Hi there!
another question :):slight_smile:
I have an array that comes from a form component (with listView with radioSelects) which I want to submit to a table in retool database. This should create several rows.

here is my table

how to correctly transfer the 'grade' and 'skill' value to the table, to correct columns?

I have the error, it says the values are null

Try this doc

thank you! I've made it :slight_smile:
I want to also pass a variable via additional scope, and it doesnt read it :frowning:
but other JS query reads it perfectly..

Hi @Ana,

Can you try removing the {{}} around currrentFId? Since you already have {{}} on lines 1 and 7, you shouldn't need to add them again.

hi Tess, wich bulk insert it didnt work either way unfortunetly:(

Hi @Ana,

Can you please let us know the current error message & send us a screenshot of the debug tool showing what values are being passed from the JS query (as described here)?

I'm also linking our additionalScope post in case it's helpful