Adding more structure to query management

A huge fan of the move to the vertical query/transformer view a while back. I would love the ability to add folders or some kind of structure to the lists as well, this would definitely aid in the management of more complex apps.

Similarly, the ability to use folders in managing the query library, and import entire query folders at once, would speed up adding more complex functionality to apps. For example, I would love to group all queries associated with adding, removing and modifying rows for a given table. This would let me import everything I need for a given app functionality all together.

Within an app, if each imported folder were to act as a mini “library”, allowing you to manage the inputs from it’s grouped queries in one place, I think the management of queries would be much more in line with how people visualize their apps functionality as well. I would be willing to sacrifice the rest of the screen while using such a view.

Excited to see what’s coming next.


Hey @patrick-westhoven! This is definitely a popular request, and something we’re thinking about. Appreciate your extra detail, especially when it comes to the Query Library. Agreed that the current import experience is pretty subpar and we have a lot of room to improve.

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I’d like to add a vote to better query management in the Query Library. Ideally some way to tag or put them into folders would be amazing.


+1 please!