Adding flow chart functionality

So I tried doing a drag and drop feature in Retool using a custom app with the react-flow but that caused issues as I spent more time trying to get it working within the iframe.

How would I implement a flow chart like functionality in Retool? I was thinking of using the select option and that can create each node but the difficulty is dynamically generating a query based on the nodes. Is there a way to link components?


I'm thinking of doing something like this but more complex. The if/else conditions arent as big of an issue, i can find workarounds with that.

the biggest issue is how would I generate a dynamic query so in that screenshot, I would need a way to know that after a "wait" component, i would need to use a "branch" component

Hey @SimpleEd! Aside from using the react-flow library in a Custom Component, perhaps the Wizard component or Stepped Container component might be helpful for a similar logic-based pattern?