Add user on free plan

Hi! i'm using the free version and i created an app in which im trying to add a user to edit with me but it gives me this error "Couldn't invite 1 user(s) because they have an existing Retool Account or have already been invited:..." In fact the person created an account but i never invited him to edit in my app (and it doesn't appear to me as an user and he is not able to see what i shared with him). How can i fix this?? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Maria, thanks for reaching out.
Right now, users can only belong to one organization at a time. If that user (i.e. email address) already created a Retool account before you invited them, then they already belong to another organization.
If it’s an email account that you own (or that a colleague or friend owns), I can archive the Retool account for you. That will let you re-invite the email address to be in your account. I just need them to ping us through Intercom (the blue bubble in lower right hand corner of Retool UI) from the same account saying “please archive my retool account associated with this email address”.

Perfect Jane! We will do that, i’ll send you the email by the private chat, thank you!