Add setValue to listview items

textinput1.setValue() works great, but if a field is inside of a listview you cannot use this command on textinput1[index]

You’re right, setValue() doesn’t work inside of listviews. It’d be nice if it did, and I logged the feature request, but unfortunately I doubt we’ll add this in the next couple of months

Fwiw we’re adding a few awesome people to our engineering team over the next few months, so hopefully these improvements will be easier to prioritize in the near future. We all really appreciate your reporting stuff like this!

I’d add another vote for this. Would be nice to have setValue work on ListView elements

Hey everyone! Just checking in here. (As you may or may not have noticed by now, ) JS functions are now supported in our Listview components. :tada: Thank you all for your feedback, and happy Retooling!


hello!! @victoria can you give me an example, if i want to setValue for a specific checkbox or numberInput inside a listView. How can i do that ??


You can do:


where the index is the row you want to update that component for. Hope that helps!