"Add row" window starts out too low for JSON column editor to render correctly

I have a table with some columns that contain JSON data that I would like my users to be able to add new rows to:

Clicking the + button pops up a new window to define a new row, as expected:

However, the default location of the window seems to be too low to allow the json editor for the column value to render correctly. Double clicking the REPORT_KEYS column does open an editor, but without a cursor and nothing you type is displayed:

However if you click and drag the window up high enough and double click the column, the editor is able to render normally with a cursor and typed text is displayed:

This behavior is the same for all columns of type JSON, happens in edit mode and normal mode, and with at least Firefox and Chrome. I don't see a config option to specify where the "Insert a new row" pop-up renders within the table, switching the toolbar from bottom to top did not work, neither did increasing the height of my table because the insert window always renders at the bottom. Does anyone know a way to solve this?

Hi @danm thank you for reporting this bug!

Would you be open to using a custom modal/form instead of the built in add row functionality?

You can add a modal to the canvas & set the hidden property to true. Then, you can add a custom button that opens the modal:

This would allow you to have a much larger & more customizable space for submitting new data:

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Hi @Tess thanks for the suggestion, the modal was able to replace the built in add row functionality for me.

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