Add more multiple values to {{select6.value === 'Privat'}}


How to add multiple values to the following {{select6.value === 'Privat'}};

That's a truthy statement. - what are you trying to chieve - can you share more information and maybe some screen shots?

Sure😊 i like to use the statement {{select6.value === 'Privat'}} with more values. I have a select component (a) that i hide using the above statement when a use selects the value 'Privat' in a another select component (b). My problem is that i have multiple values in select component (a) that the user can choose from that all should hide select component (a). I somehow need to include these other values. Eg 'Privat' ;'Forsyning' ; 'Stat'

Please share some screenshots with more context.

The logical OR operator || might be helpful here! Does something like {{select6.value === 'Privat' || select6.value === 'Forsyning' || select6.value === 'Stat'}} work? If the values get long you can also try using something like .includes which may save some space {{ ['Privat', 'Forsyning', 'Stat'].includes(select6.value) }}.