Add external widgets to apps

Hello everyone, I would like to integrate the Zendesk chat widget into Retool apps. How can I ensure that the code below is loaded in the apps? It appears that this may not be achievable through a custom component or HTML component. Typically, you would insert the code into the body of a webpage, and the widget would load automatically. Has anyone perhaps successfully loaded a different widget such as Freshdesk or HubSpot before?

Zendesk code:

<!-- Start of woonconnector Zendesk Widget script -->
<script id="ze-snippet" src=""> </script>
<!-- End of woonconnector Zendesk Widget script -->

Hey @LinoPino Are you getting any network or console errors when adding that script to the custom component?

Hi @joeBumbaca ,

Thank you for following up on my question. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I've placed the code in an iframe, HTML, and a custom component, but none of the methods display the chat widget or show any errors in the console log. Should it be possible to add this in Retool? There might be something blocking the code. Sorry for the beginner's question :innocent:.

@LinoPino It doesn't look like it will work. The script is loaded and there are some available functions, but the script tries to automatically create an element on the document which I don't believe is allowed. If there is documentation on how to create the necessary elements manually and how to use the available functions it is potentially possible, but this isn't going to work straight out of the box.
Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 1.47.37 PM