Add a file to Windows "recent files" list

Can anyone help me please?

I have a PDF download button which downloads the PDF file from to my Downloads folder on Windows (which is fine), but I'd also like to add a shortcut to my "Recent files" (so that it shows up in Outlook ready for attaching).

Has anyone got any clues ow I might do this?



@jclutterbuck I think you would need to change where the files are downloaded - or you can probably also change where Outlook opens when attaching files. I don't believe you would be able to force a download path to your machine from Retool.

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Thanks @ScottR, I'm still interested in this.

The "old" way (Windows NT?) to do this was to save a "shortcut" to the special "Recent files" fodler.

Not sure if this is still doable and if so, can I do it from Retool?

Hmm I don't think this is possible from Retool. I think downloading from Retool just throws the file into your default space set by your browser/OS/etc. :thinking: