Accidentally Clicking into Table Field Creates Record Update


so there is the following bug: If I click into a field of a table and don’t change anything and then click out of it it still creates a record update object. While the field isn’t highlighted as a changed field (in yellow). This leads to unintended behavior, the user sending a record update without intending it.

This is a big issue for us which has multiple times lead to a loss of data. I think it should be easy to fix since the highlighting already indicates actual change it should just also be reflected in the record update.

Thanks for the help

Acknowledged, able to repro on my end, and shared w/ the engineering team. Is there any way you can add a layer of logic to block this in the meanwhile?

The only way I can see blocking it is to basically rebuild the records update object with the intended behavior. E.g. to loop through the records update object and compare it to the original retrieved data. The current fix is to tell users not to accidentally click into fields haha