Access failure for BigQuery linked to Google Sheet

Hi there,


  1. I am accessing a BigQuery table
  2. The table is linked to a google sheet
  3. When I query that table in retool, I am denied access to the table.
  4. This issue does not exist when the BigQuery table is not linked to a google sheet

Is this something I can solve in Retool or what setting I should make in BigQuery/ Google Sheet, please?


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Same problem here :frowning: I've given access the service account to my spreadsheet but it didn't solve anything. Here the same issue but with Tableau asked in Stackoverflow:

Hey and @vfolque!

It sounds like our engineers were able to track this bug down and we will keep this thread updated as a fix is merged! :)

Hi @Chris-Thompson !

Has there been any progress?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm having the same issue. Was there ever a resolution?

Hey @jordanbrooks — thanks for the ping on this, it seems like this is still not yet supported in Retool but I will bump this feature request internally and update this thread as soon as a feature is added

@Chris-Thompson et. al. Was this issue ever resolved or is current guidance to copy Drive-backed tables to native tables?