Access failure for BigQuery linked to Google Sheet

Hi there,


  1. I am accessing a BigQuery table
  2. The table is linked to a google sheet
  3. When I query that table in retool, I am denied access to the table.
  4. This issue does not exist when the BigQuery table is not linked to a google sheet

Is this something I can solve in Retool or what setting I should make in BigQuery/ Google Sheet, please?



Same problem here :frowning: I've given access the service account to my spreadsheet but it didn't solve anything. Here the same issue but with Tableau asked in Stackoverflow:

Hey and @vfolque!

It sounds like our engineers were able to track this bug down and we will keep this thread updated as a fix is merged! :)

Hi @Chris-Thompson !

Has there been any progress?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm having the same issue. Was there ever a resolution?

Hey @jordanbrooks — thanks for the ping on this, it seems like this is still not yet supported in Retool but I will bump this feature request internally and update this thread as soon as a feature is added

@Chris-Thompson et. al. Was this issue ever resolved or is current guidance to copy Drive-backed tables to native tables?

Hi @Chris-Thompson, is there any update on this topic ?

I believe it can be fixed by adding an additional scope ("") when making the query to BigQuery but there may be additional requirements that I'm not aware of.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi @Chris-Thompson
I am also running into this problem - I've been to Google Support and they advise that it's an issue (as Pierre says above) of the Oauth scope being added per this support article
Thank you!

Hi @smarj Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, we haven't shipped the fix for this bug yet :disappointed:

I am also having this issue and would like to be notified when the fix for this bug gets shipped!

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Thanks, we'll keep this thread updated as we hear from our team internally :+1:

BTW I found a workaround that worked for me, so I thought I would share here. In BQ, you can set up a scheduled query that outputs to a BQ table. For the BQ table that I wanted to use in Retool, which I couldn't use before because it's linked to a Google Sheet, I just created another table that serves as an extract of the original sheet, and I have a scheduled query that updates it from the Google sheet once a day (though you can schedule it to be more frequent if you want). I'm able to access the extracted sheet via Retool.

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Thank you for sharing, @Emma_Jerzyk!

We should have a fix for this bug on Cloud on Wednesday :slightly_smiling_face: It'll ship to on-premise in v2.118.1

@Tess Hi, I'm still having the same problem on Cloud. Even though the version of my environment is v2.118.2-a622a2c (Build 87223). I can provide additional info if you need it.

Hi @Hiroaki_KARASAWA :thinking: Interesting! I'm sorry to hear the issue is still persisting. I'm looking into it internally. Thanks for flagging!

I'm not able to reproduce this error on cloud anymore. Could you share your resource set up? Or give me written permission to log in to your account to take a closer look?

Hi @Tess Thank you for checking. Here is my environment:

  • authenticated by "service account" not "OAuth"
  • the service account email is added to the shared list of the Google Sheet as a "Viewer" role
  • the service account has "BigQuery Admin" role on Google Cloud IAM

I think my service account is configured correctly. I judged it because this service account is also used in Redash, and it can show the correct data without any errors.

The query is available here:

I can invite you to my team space if you provide me with your email.


Hi @Hiroaki_

Hmm, I was looking at the suggestions here & you might need `` around the name. I'm also curious if it needs the project in the query. It looks like this is the database & table