6+ days major downtime on Cloud, anyone else?

For nearly a week, our entire team has had to reload pages multiple times to get queries to fully load. Retool has confirmed the problem, but as of yet been unable to solve it. This has caused massive disruption for our team, and is making us rethink a lot. I'm wondering how many others are experiencing this issue.

Unfortunately it looks like Please Slow Down, Reduce Breaking Changes my advice wasn't taken.

Lots of shiny new components, but when API calls don't function....welp.

@aviator22, I'm David, CEO @ Retool. That experience sounds terrible, and I'm sorry we let you down. Can I email you directly? Our CTO is going to reach out to a) fix the issue, b) ensure nothing like this happens again, and c) give you a point of contact so you can reach out whenever something like this happens again.

We had the same issue for a week to dramatic effect in our company too. Its been solved now, @dvdhsu i’d appreciate having a point of contact too incase this happens again please.

@tommynewman, can you send me an email to david@retool? I'll connect you. (Also happy to look up your email in Discourse later, but am running between meetings right now.)